DD5LP/P – March 20th 2020 – DL/AL-149 Blender & DL/AL-281 Urserberg.


With the likelihood for a mobility ban to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus imminent, and the weather being still sunny for another day before winter-like weather was forecast to return, I wanted to pack these two summits into the log before the winter bonus points stop at the end of March.

Unlike the last two summits, these two ARE near to each other and easy to navigate between. They are located just outside of Kempten in East Allgau with the first summit, Blender, hosting the TV transmitter tower for the area.

Preparation apart from mapping work (noting junctions to turn on paper) to make sure I took my known route to the summits was to pack the equipment which going to be the same as the previous four summits – the X108G plus the Komunica HF-PRO2  and photo tripod. As that configuration has been working reliably I decided not to pack the surveyor’s tripod and DX-Wire 10m portable mast. Meaning that I am now down to just one rucksack to carry to the summit. It’s still about 17 kilos though, so some more work is required to reduce this down for future usage. When I intend to try for specific DX locations, the heavier, larger kit will be needed but for the current summits, where I just want to bag a few European contacts, this simplified set-up seems to be working well.

The Activation:

When I woke, it was a little overcast to start with but would turn into another nice morning. I casually loaded the Rucksack and HF-Pro2 in its tube into the car and was on the road around 9am. I had no rush to get to the summits, knowing as it got closer to midday it would get warmer and be more pleasant to operate. Both of these summits are “relatively” easy summits although the walk from the car is about 10 minutes in both cases, with the first summit needing a somewhat steep climb however compared to summits earlier in the week, these are easy to get to.

DL/AL-149 Blender: When approaching blender by the road a good tip is to look out for the VW sales garage in Wegschiedel and turn right there, and not take the earlier right turn from the ST2376 road and end up in the wrong place as I did this time! I only lost a couple of minutes though and as soon as I saw the VW garage, I remembered, that’s where I should turn. Although marked as locals-only, access to a hotel along the same road is allowed and hence public usage is not forbidden. Turn left in Eschachberg (the road up to the Blender TV tower) and I park at the point where the road goes off to the hotel and walk from there as there is enough space by the bench seat without impacting access on the road.

From the parking spot simply head up the road and field towards the transmitter tower. Any of this area is well within the AZ but going off to the left and through the turnstile, there is a nice area with another seat and flat area to set up the antenna.

As the seat was taken up by two cyclists I simply set up on a plastic sheet on the ground and out up the Komunica HF-PRO2, photo-tripod and radial wires and fired up the rig – plenty of noise and stations on the band, so no re-occurrence of the faulty antenna cable issue of a few activations ago (I replaced the short length of coax that comes from the rig out of the rucksack, so it would be strange if the new cable was also faulty).

After trying a couple of frequencies, I found a usable one, self-spotted and settled back to pulling 25 stations out of the pile-up. There was a little QSB but apart from that, this operation went quite well.

Once the flow of calls dried up, I packed everything back into the rucksack and headed back down the hill to the car.

DL/AL-281 Urserberg: The trip from Blender to Urserberg is fairly straightforward. Drive back to the main road and at the VW garage, turn left and then take the small road which is the next right and signposted to Eschachreid. In Eschachreid at the T-junction turn right and follow the OA20 road through Eschach and up to the car park for the local lake, the “Eschacher Weiher”. From the end of the car park, there is a farm road which goes up the hill to Urserberg. A point of reference is the tops of the ski-lifts as Urserberg is above those. To be really accurate, the very summit lies within the forest on the top of this hill, however, the grassy area in front of it is within the Activation Zone (AZ) and far more practical to set up a vertical antenna on, rather than within the forest.

I was surprised to find the car park quite full (usually there is one abandoned car and my car in it) and cars were also parked alongside the road (outside of the car park). I presume all the locals were taking advantage of the nice day and heading down to the beach at the lake.

I could see some darker clouds heading my way, so I decided to get up to the summit and get the activation completed before the sun went in. The walk up the road is quite long but the views on the way up are also quite awe-inspiring. Despite the sunshine, there was still some snow at the side of the road as I walked up. Beware of mountain bikers on this road, it appears to be a favourite route for them and they come down the road at quite a speed.

Once I got to the corner before the start of the forest, I went through the open gap in the fence and up into the grassed area. This is obviously a farmers field however there are several tracks across it, and in winter it is most likely a skiing area, so as there are no signs to say otherwise, I believe it to be public access.

After setting up the gear, which is happening quicker and quicker as I have my routine sorted out, I soon had my rucksack with radio and battery box still inside and Android phone display and control on top of it and the HF-PRO2 antenna set up on its tripod and I was ready to operate.

All went well with stronger signals on this summit than the last one but also with deeper QSB making a couple of contacts difficult but in general, a relaxed activation – that was until I saw the farmer coming up the hill will his tractor with the tank and muck-spreader attachment heading up the road. He was going to come into the field but when he saw me, he turned and started with a lower field but I could see he wanted to do the whole area, so I tried to get the calls finished and the station shut-down but more and more chasers kept calling. Eventually, I managed to get a gap when there were no more callers and started packing everything up. As I got finished and started to walk down from my operating position, I saw the farmer coming back up with a refilled tank of slurry and heading to where I had been, so I had cleared just in time. Add to that time limit that those clouds had arrived and covered the sun so it had got clod quite quickly. On arriving back at the car in the car park, I turned the radio on and heard live, the surprise announcement from the Bavarian prime minister, that a lock-down was going to be put in place from Midnight. So I had got my last two activations for a while in, just in time!



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  • Xiegu X108G.
  • Photo tripod and radial wires.
  • Komunica HF-PRO-2 multi-band HF vertical antenna.
  • Battery box (2 x 5000maH hard-case 4S LIPOs).
  • Aerial-51 OCF 40-10m dipole & SOTABeams Band Hopper linked dipole (taken but not used).
  • Thin plastic groundsheet.
  • Smartphone with PocketRxTx App and USB cable acting as an external display to the rig.


DL/AL-149 Blender:

DL/AL-281 Urserberg:


  • The weather was wonderful – the timing was just right!
  • The “rapid deployment” (lighter) kit continues to work well but I do still need to remove some weight and possibly also locate the rig better so that the loudspeaker is not obstructed.
  • The two climbs still had me pausing for breath but with the views, it was worth the effort.
  • I had planned to try out the speech processor on Urserberg however the approaching farmer with muck-spreader meant that I decided to leave that for another day (perhaps I can try it out from home while under the “lock-down” order?).

73 ’til the next summit – whenever that may be!