HF whip antenna carrying tube for less than €10.

Having found a solution to use HF mobile whips in a portable situation using a small, lightweight tripod (see here). My next problem is the length of the HF mobile whip antennas are too long to safely go inside my rucksack meaning they stick out with the possible danger of catching on something (or someone) hence some kind of “carrier” would be useful – I saw the following advertised on eBay and thought it would be ideal (click to go to current ad):Unfortunately what the advert did not make clear was that they were ONLY supplying the straps and not the tube. I presume high-end fishing rods (at which this was aimed) already come with their own protective tube.

So when the package arrived and I realised my mistake, I decided to look at what alternatives I could find and ended up with PVC HD piping as a possible solution. My local DIY chain “OBI” had some DN53 sized tubes of 1 or 2m length. I actually need about 1.2 – 1.3m long so I would have to buy the 2 metre length and cut it down. I would also need some plugs for the bottom and top of the tube but these were not available in DN53 size on in the online store. The shipping costs on the 2m version were quite high however. In any case, what they have online, they will normally have in store, right? So it was a trip off to the local store to see what I could find.

In the store I actually found an even narrower tube (which would be more suitable) in DN40 (4cm ID) size and 1.5m in length along with a stopper for the bottom and a rubber cap for the top! Who says there’s no point going into the actual “Bricks and Mortar” stores these days? What I found in the store, simply was not listed online.

All parts are from a company called Marley (which I think is from the UK) but other companies produce similar water piping and components.

I think construction is self-explanatory so here’s just a slide show of pictures with some comments:

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Component parts:

  • Straps from eBay € 4.18
  • 1.5m DN40 tube € 2.39
  • “Gummi manchette” – Rubber top piece € 1.69
  • “Muffenstopfen” base plug € 0.99

Total cost € 9.25.