DD5LP – August 13th. 2015 – DL/BE-093 Buchberg.


  With the 10m/6m challenge coming to an end, my score as an activator (only on 10m as 6m portable operation is not allowed in Germany), was looking a little “sad”, so I decided to activate another summit to get some 10m contacts. I had originally intended activating Zwieselberg above Bad Tölz however after my problems on Breitenberg the previous weekend, with the heat over midday, I didn’t want to repeat the same problems, rather chosing an easier summit where I could carry both bags of equipment to cover all needs.

During the previous week, I had been doing some testing using my existing Sotabeams linked dipole, using it set to 30m with some extensions to operate on 10m. Indeed I had tried this configuration out first at a local GMA summit DA/AV-071 Gagl-Berg and later in my garden, to get the extension lengths correct. So my intention was to take this configuration to Buchberg, but also have the Aerial-51 404-UL (OCF) dipole antenna along as a back-up.

I had planned on taking a set of end-fed half wave wire antennas along as well, as these are very light and pack up into a very small space, however I got so many different readings from the antenna analyser, I decided to leave them at home, until I can find what’s going on.

The Location:

Buchberg is also located near to Bad Tölz and hence an over 90 minutes drive from my home QTH. The route I knew from the last time I activated the summit in 2014, however this time rather than taking the shortest route suggested by Google (which required me to travel along a road displaying signs saying access only for forestry and farm vehicles), I decided to take the route that I had previously left the site by – via Bad Tölz, past the golf club. While this route is longer, it is a tarmacced (although only wide enough for one car for much of the route) road.

The Activation:

The activation went well. I found the location easily and managed to park off the (single track) road to avoid any issues with traffic. When I went across to the field, I say a path went directly across the field to the cross. I had expected to have to walk around the edge of the field as one normally does to avoid damaging any crops, however as there was a well worn track in place I took this to the summit cross. I suspect this track has been created by the mountain bikers that the farmer had complained to the previous activator about. Indeed during my activation a mountain biker, came up to the cross using this track. I suspect someone has created a cycling tour route via the cross. I can understand the farmers displeasure at this. At the moment the field is fallow, however when he wishes to grow a crop in it again, what will happen then? I had no visit from the farmer this year, I had met him last year when I activated the summit.

I deliberately started on 10 metres and as I checked my alerted frequency to make sure it wasn’t already in use, back came Karl M3FEH before I had even spotted myself. Karl was a booming signal, conditions on 10m were good. I managed to work 10 stations on 10m, the latter ones with some QSB coming in. Once the contacts on 10 metres ran out, I saw Kostas (SV2HJW/P on SV/MC-076) spotted on 20m, so went there and got a summit-to-summit contact with him and Christos(SV2OXS/P) who was on the same summit. I was just about ready to pack up when I saw that Luc (DL/ON7DQ/P) was up on DM/NW-026 on 40m, so down came the antenna again – in went the links and back up it went for another S2S. One last check on 10m – no more contacts but Jim EI9GLB kindly let me know that my 5w was still getting out well into Ireland, so conditions were still.OK and then I decided to pack up as I had chores to complete at home.

This turned out to be a very pleasant and satisfying activation. Nothing rushed, good conditions and all the equipment working as it should. I was especially happy with how well the 30 metre dipole with extensions worked on 10 metres.




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Yaesu FT817ND.

SotaBeams Linked dipole, 30m secton modified for 3rd harmonic use on 10m.

Ramsey QAMP linear amplifier on 20 & 40m.

10 metre squid pole.




While this was not a lightweight activation, I still need to sort out the EFHW antennas so that I can use them on future activations where there is a lot of walking involved. In all this was a pleasant activation, with a good set of contacts on 10m and no stress. All went to plan.

73 ’til the next Summit!