VK2JI – SOTA in VK2 – 20th. November evening activation of VK2/HU-093 (Mt. Elliot)


Following requests from several European and US amateurs for VK activations outside of our normal daytime schedules, several activators have been activating in the evening to give the DX chasers a chance and to take advantage of better propagation.

Unfortunately for me, the only summit that is in reasonable traveling distance from where I live is Mount Elliot which I have activated more than once before, so there would be no points in the activation for me or for Rod VK2LAX who agreed to take part in the activation as well, unless by chance we got a summit to summit contact. So this activation was for the chasers and to have some fun. I also used the activation to try out a new antenna I had bought a couple of days earlier, a Diamond RHM8B which appeared to work a lot better than expected.

As it turned out we got no S2S contacts but I worked both into the Cook Islands (thanks Perrin) and into England (thanks Don).

As well as many of the normal chasers / activators across Australia, Rod also bagged his first ZL SOTA contact and worked into Germany, Switzerland and the UK. So it was an enjoyable evening.

Despite this summit being close to a city, it still has Aussie wildlife and we were warned to watch out for leeches while walking down a trail that goes down the escarpment that we take to be able to exit and re-enter the activation zone because the car park is within the activation zone.Leeches were not a problem but “dive-bombing” Christmas Beetles were when it got dark and we were the only light source for kilometers!


Diamond RHM8B antenna on FT817ND

Diamond RHM8B antenna on FT817ND

Operating position at dusk

Operating position at dusk

Night time operating in the dark 1 of 2

Night time operating in the dark 1 of 2

Night time operating in the dark 2 of 2

Night time operating in the dark 2 of 2


Rod VK2LAX operating as it got darker, and, darker ……

Stations worked by Rod VK2LAX:

(40m) Peter VK3FPSR

(40m) John VK2YW

(40m) Marc VK3OHM

(40m) Paul VK2KTT

(40m) Marcel VK2HAQ

(40m) John VK3FMPB

(40m) Ian VK1DI

(40m) Al VK1RX

(40m) Lamont ZL2ALK

(40m) Peter VK3PF

(40m) Mark VK3YN

(20m) Bert DF5WA

(20m) Don G0RQL

(20m) Matt VK2DAG

(40m) Paul VK5PAS

(40m) Matt VK1MA

(40m) Andrew VK1NAM

(20m) Hans HB9BHW

(20m) Damian M0BKV

Stations worked by Ed VK2JI:

(20m) Ernie VK3DET in Ballarat

(20m) Perrin VK3XPT operating as E51XPT on vacation in the South Cook Islands

(20m) Don G0RQL in Devon, England.

(12m) Matt VK2DAG on the Central Coast – this was my first contact on 12 metres from a SOTA summit.