VK2JI – SOTA in VK2 – 3rd. November 2013 VK2 HU-088 (Mt Douglas) and HU-090 (Mt. Breckin)

VK2/HU-088 Mount Douglas

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    Summit approaches

Pictures – Mt Douglas with radio tower from a distance, access from Dungog road. The track is shown as Gardiners road on maps but not at the entrance. there was an environmental sign but no other restrictions shown at start of track.


Closed gate

The track up to Mt. Douglas is blocked by a gate about 3/4 way up. While not locked as you can see it carries “trespassers will be prosecuted” signs. I will seek the name of the land owner and will try contacting them for permission to access, but I am not too hopeful.

VK2/HU-090 Mount Breckin

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Summit approaches.

Access to Mount Breckin is from  Gresford Road. Strangely farm after farm had for sale signs out by their entrances. You need to follow a detailed plan of the track up to Mt Breckin to make sure you don’t take a wrong turn. There are several gates that need to be opened and closed on the way up to keep the cows in. Remember the rule – if it’s open when you get to it, leave it open, if it’s closed make sure you close it again immediately that after you drive through. Mount Breckin, was not an easy drive up with the gates and some sizable ruts to make it interesting in my little Peugeot, but we made it.

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On-site on Mt. Breckin.

I called just before UTC change-over on 146.5 hoping to make a contact before UTC change-over before putting up the HF antenna but no reply and no way to self spot as there is no cell phone coverage (Optus or Telstra) in this area it seems. Also no reply on the local repeater (VK2RTZ) that is easily accessible from this summit.

Thanks to the other activators who apparently waited for me before moving on and thanks to those who spotted me.

I also tried 30m but again with no way to self spot, all I heard was open space on 10.135.

I decided to pack things up when the hot winds started. There were no fires in the area however there were a lot of new ones started today – they have increased from 2 in the Hunter/Central Coast region at 8am to about 20 by 3pm this afternoon.

Stations worked

(all on 40m)

Peter VK3PF/P2 (S2S)




Angus VK2IY

Gerard VK2JNG/P

Marshall VK3MRG/P (S2S)

Allen VK2HRA/P (S2S)

Matt VK1MA


Andrew VK1NAM