Yaesu FT-817ND Notes.



Several of you may already know this, but as I’ve only just found it some may not yet know.

The FT-817ND (note ND model not straight 817), has 60m coverage as standard (at least in the US/Australian version) but… no actual band for it on the band change switch – however …..
There is a floating extra “band” on HF that by default is set to 15MHz for WWV I guess. What is great is that this is a band that you can change to be the 5.3MHz/60m band very easily (no soldering iron required).
The way it works is this:  Whenever you tune with the normal tuning knob to a frequency that is outside one of the existing Amateur bands, this “floating” band will remember it when you switch bands using the up/down buttons.  What this means is that if you were listening to WWV on 15 MHz, you would then find that “band” between 20 and 17 meters again.  If you were to tune to 60m (from 40 or 80m for example), that “band” would then be found between 40 and 80 meters.  What if you need two additional bands – well both VFO-A and VFO-B have their own “floating” bands!

Given how tight 60m is on space this is a big improvement on trying to use set memories as I was doing!


Use of FT817 with internal LIPO

this is one of the best modifications I have made – my action was based on the information here –


and here:


I actually swapped cables between my useless, Yeasu NiCad and the AA battery case, so that I could get the cable with the green led, this was then soldered to a voltage divider of 2 x 100kohm 1/4w resistors across the wires coming from the output of the LIPO battery – doing this tells the FT-817 not to charge the battery from an external source, which with a LIPO battery would ruin it. As a very-last backup, I also carry the AA-battery case with 2500maH rechargeable cells in it, but have not yet had to use these cells. I remove the LIPO to charge it on its balanced charger.