English Amateur Radio News

I have been given the chance to produce a weekly program about Amateur Radio, to be transmitted from the 10KW 49 metre band shortwave AM transmitter, Channel292. The station is owned and run by a company owned by a radio amateur and is located near Ingolstdt Germany.

The station transmits on 6070KHz and my program is scheduled for transmission late Monday afternoons. Check out the stations website at channel292.de for up-to-date schedule information.

After ten editions of this program, I found I was very stretched for time, having unexpectedly found a full time job (50-60 hrs/week full time!) which meant I had no time to prepare EARN, or if I did, I had no time left for anything else. As the response to the program while friendly, was not as large as I had hoped, I pulled the plug after the 10th. edition. In the first edition, I had said I would run for 10 editions and then make the decision whether to continue of not. Perhaps I will consider starting the program now that I am out of work again however if I do, I’ll aim for a more interactive approach, with call-ins being taken on the Amateur Bands during music sections and then being played back “semi-live” a couple of minutes later. This approach allows me to censor inappropriate content. Such a program format would require more techical infrastructure to be implemented however. We’ll see ….