Sample Codeplugs for the Baofeng RD-5R DMR HT.

Created with CPS version
Firmware version in RD-5R 2.0.9 ** VERY Important to solve failing scan operations and Ch. Empty errors **
Please update DMR ID and your CALLSIGN within the code-plugs General Setting panel and the Self ID in the Signaling System / DTMF panel – the currently entered code is not valid, you must register for and get your own DMR-ID.
In these code plugs all DMR repeaters included have had the local channel (TG 9) set on TimeSlot2 and the national channel Germany (TG 262) or UK (TG 235) set on TimeSlot1. The user can copy the records from existing repeater channel records to create new Channel records and then just set the contact field in the record to whichever talk group they require. I would recommend creating a Zone, Scan and RxList to reflect the custom Channel records so that just these are the  “favourites” but the new records can of course also be added to the existing Zone, scan and RxLists if these have spare space in them – it’s the users choice. The user can of course also change the contact entry in the existing channel records to different talk groups but please remember that on DMR+, Hytera and DMR/MARC repeaters only the talk groups set by the repeater manager will work. Please also remember, TimeSlot 2 for local groups, TimeSlot 1 for National or International talk groups.

NOTE: these are generic code plugs – the RxList on the channels effectively makes the Rx side Promiscuous, that means although the channel may be set to transmit on time slot 1 and TG 262 (Germany) or TG235 (UK) – when ANY TG comes up on TS1 that is in the RxList that is assigned – you will hear it!  This is fine when simply listening however it is HIGHLY recommended that for TGs that you will use on a regular basis, you create a contact record (if there isn’t already one for the TG you require), a RxList with ONLY this TG in it, a Channel record with the contact and this new RxList defined and optionally a Scan List for your favorite channels (which should also be defined in the Channel record).

*** Take a look at the items starting with EXAMPLE in the same code plugs below. ****

Bavaria, Germany (includes all DMR repeaters in Bavaria at time of creation 16-11-2019 added DB0MIR)

RD-5R Bayern Codeplug v3RD-5R Bayern Codeplug v 3.1

Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany (includes all DMR repeaters in Baden Wuerttemberg at time of creation)

RD-5R Baden Wuertemburg Codeplug v3

South Yorkshire, England (Contains just a few DMR repeaters around the Huddersfield area)

RD-5R S.Yorks Codeplug v3

After download, rename the file extension from “key” to “dat” and open with CPS v Add your DMR ID number and then transfer to your RD-5R HT.

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UPDATE JANUARY 2021 – There is an Open Source project OPENGD77 which can add features to the Radiodity GD77 and the Baofeng RD-5R which I am told makes it more (amateur) user-friendly.

That GitHub based project is located here :